Якщо Вас цікавлять питання працевлаштування, будь ласка, залиште свої контакти і ми зв'яжемося з Вами та проконсультуємо БЕЗКОШТОВНО
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    ПН-ПТ: 08:30 - 17:30

    Storage with us


    We have a modern, extensive fleet which can operate world wide. Our complete fleet consists of over 60 vehicles including Prime Movers, body trucks, tilt tray and various trailer types. All vehicles and equipment are on constant service and maintenance.

    We have all kind of trailers for any kind of cargo. We include drop deck trailers, container trailers. We set very high standards of professionalism and we continue to improve our vehicles and our capabilities.

    Types on vehicles on our disposal. Constantly maintained and serviced and with on road assistance your cargo will never get stranded:

    • 11 Prime movers
    • 9 Short trucks
    • 10 Body trucks
    • 8 Buses
    • 12 Vans
    • 10 Pick up trucks